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Let's say I have a product to which I've added an image field called SmallImage.

When I show a list of products, I want the small image to be in the view. When I go to the list of divisions I get the default summary view, like so:

<article class="content-item @contentTypeClassName">
        @if (Model.Meta != null) {
        <div class="metadata">
    @if(Model.Footer != null) {

How does @Display(Model.Content) generate the HTML?

Where is the .cshtml file I can put @Html.Image(Model.SmallImage) into?


Ok, I found the property off the model: Model.ContentItem.Product.SmallImage.FileName, so I just need to know where the template file is.

THX! Dan

Bonus Question: Using the designer tools in any list view. Go to Zone[Content].Content.List. Under Shape is says there are two alternate views. One is MyTheme/Views/List.Html. If you click on "create" it says The relative virtual path 'Orchard.Core.Shapes.CoreShapes::List' is not allowed here. Does that mean that there really isn't an alternate for this view?

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I manually created the file that was giving me the error in the bonus question and this gets me the image. (List-url-products.cshtml)

    @foreach(var item in Model)

        var division = item.ContentItem.Division;
        var smallImage = (Contrib.ImageField.Fields.ImageField) division.ListImage;

        if(smallImage.FileName != null)
            <div>@Html.Image(smallImage.FileName, null, new { Width=smallImage.Width, Height=smallImage.Height }) </div>    
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Alternately, you can edit file it include specific fields or parts as documented here: – DanielEli Jul 4 '11 at 14:58

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