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What does the _2 mean in the following code? Where can I find the official documentation for this?

@if(errors) {
    <p class="error">
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The ._2 selects the second element in a tuple e.g.

val t = (1,2)

so @errors in your sample appears to be a list of tuples. You can find the documentation here for Tuple2, and there are Tuple3, Tuple4 etc. classes for tuples of size 3, 4 etc. The scala package documentation shows the available Tuple types which go up to size 22.

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In this instance, I believe _2 is just a field name, representing the 2nd field of a Tuple2 object.

The underscore is sometimes a bit more magical, however. It's used as a wildcard in import statements, as a non-assigning placeholder in assignments that need a value for syntax but shouldn't actually do any, and as a variable that should be there but whose value doesn't matter in pattern matching.

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+1 for mention that it's just a field (or method) name here. –  Ken Bloom Jun 19 '11 at 23:54

Seems that head returns a Tuple2

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It's for pattern matching, you can find documentation about it here

edit: I believe its main purpose is to match anything, for example if you do "import http._" it will import everything from that library.

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It is used for this, but is also a legitimate character in a variable name, as in this case. –  Don Roby Jun 19 '11 at 20:00

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