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When we set animateProperty in dojo, can we do this

  property: { left: "+=100" }

How can this be made. Want to move the container 100px to the RIGHT ... from the current position.

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dojox.fx have a lot of extra animations that some people often use. If you want to slide a node relative from its current position you can use dojox.fx.slideBy(). A complete example with loading the class and waiting for dom-ready event.

        node:     dojo.byId('slide'),
        duration: 2000,
        top:      100,
        left:     -50

This will slide the node with id slide 100px down, and 50px to the left.

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There's no built-in support for this, so you'll have to manually get the original position first.

    node: "ss",
    properties: {
         left: function(node){
             return node.style.offsetLeft + 100;

Here's a thread in the Dojo forums about it.

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onAnimate callback can be right place where we can determine the current style property value, instead of getting the style property value from node.

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