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Here is a snippet from my WSDL file;

<wsdl:portType name="MtchWS">                                                 
    <wsdl:operation name="inference">
        <wsdl:input message="tns:inferencerequest" name="inferencerequest"/>
        <wsdl:output message="tns:inferenceresponse" name="inferenceresponse"/>
        <wsdl:fault message="tns:errorresponse" name="errorresponse"/>             

<wsdl:binding name="MtchWSBinding" type="tns:MtchWS">                  
    <soap:binding style="document"                                                   
    <wsdl:operation name="inference">
        <soap:operation soapAction="http://www.mywebsite.com/webservice"/>           
        <wsdl:input name="inferencerequest">
            <soap:body use="literal"/>                                               
        <wsdl:output name="inferenceresponse">
            <soap:body use="literal"/>
        <wsdl:fault name="errorreponse">
            <!-- <soap:fault use="literal"/>-->

<wsdl:service name="MtchWSService">
    <wsdl:port binding="tns:MtchWSBinding" name="MtchWSPort">          
        <soap:address location="http://localhost:8080/mwp/mws"/>             

in one of the lines above (the one including "wsdl:binding name="MtchWSBinding" type="tns:MtchWS") I get a warning saying;

WS-I: (BP2032) Defective soapbind:fault element: the "name" attribute value does not match the value of the "name" attribute on the parent element wsdl:fault.

What does that means and how can i fix this? my web service seems to be work fine but I have some other problems (with WSDL2ObjC) which I think it is releted to this warning.


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Either you've left off the most important piece (the soapbind:fault) or the web service kit you are using is buggy. –  bmargulies Jun 19 '11 at 20:42
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ok I fixed;

just added the

<wsdl:fault name="errorresponse">
             <soap:fault name="errorresponse" use="literal"/>
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