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I'm trying to fix the month navigation of a calendar portlet assigned for a custom portlet manager. This manager is called from a specific browser page template with:

<div id="calendar"
    tal:content="structure provider:my.custom.portletmanager" />

Unfortunately the manager doesn't render a wrapper with the hash for me, so I'm trying to manually append a kssattr-portlethash css class to the above <div> tag in order to make the month navigation work (refreshPortlet() needs it). I tried this:

from plone.portlets.utils import hashPortletInfo
class SectionHomeView(BrowserView):
    """SectionHome browser view

    def __init__(self, context, request):
        self.context = context
        self.request = request

    def getHash(self):
        info = dict(manager = 'my.custom.portletmanager',
                    category = 'context',
                    key = '/my-section',
                    name = 'mycalendar',
        return hashPortletInfo(info)

Using this code I do get a hash, but calendar navigation still doesn't work. How can I access the portlet info such as manager, category, key and name in order to compute it right?

I wish I had the behaviour described by from and its class ColumnPortletManagerRenderer (portlets/ but I don't know how to make my custom manager provide those (ie: like the default managers do).

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Can you provide some code to give us a hint of where to help you? – marcosfromero Jun 25 '11 at 2:30

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You need to make sure you have a PortletManagerRenderer and an EditPortletManagerRenderer installed that know to render hashes, such as:

class MyCustomPortletManagerRenderer(ColumnPortletManagerRenderer) :
    """ This custom version of ColumnPortletManagerRenderer points to a new 
    template so that HTML can be customised. 
    adapts(Interface, IThemeSpecific, IBrowserView, IMyCustomPortletManager)
    template = ViewPageTemplateFile('')

    def can_manage_portlets(self):
        context = self._context()
        if not ILocalPortletAssignable.providedBy(context):
            return False
        mtool = getToolByName(context, 'portal_membership')
        return mtool.checkPermission("Portlets: Manage portlets", context)

class MyCustomEditPortletManagerRenderer(ContextualEditPortletManagerRenderer):
    """To allow edit support of the above.
    adapts(Interface, IThemeSpecific, IManageContextualPortletsView, IMyCustomPortletManager)
    template = ViewPageTemplateFile('')

Where looks like:

<tal:block repeat="portlet options/portlets">
<div tal:attributes="class string:portletWrapper kssattr-portlethash-${portlet/hash};"
     tal:content="structure python:view.safe_render(portlet['renderer'])" />
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