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when I compile my CUDA code with NVCC and I have already defined a preprocessing variable in the code, e.g. #define DEBUG_OUTPUT 0, is there a way to overwrite such a variable on the fly when compiling? I tried so specify the NVCC option -DDEBUG_OUTPUT=1 but this doesn't work: It gives me warning C4005: 'DEBUG_OUTPUT': Macro-Redefinition. Thanks in advance!

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Whatever you specify after -D, it gets defined before processing the input files. However, it does not remove the definitions that occur in the file. So, if you write -DDEBUG_OUTPUT but then you have #define DEBUG_OUTPUT in the file, the latter is a redefinition of the former. To handle that case, you can write in the file:

//if not specified earlier (e.g. by -D parameter)
//set it now to some default value
#define DEBUG_OUTPUT 0

Note, it has actually nothing to do with nvcc. Same behaviour appears in C/C++.

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okay thanks! how can I specify the value of more than one variable and not only define it? Something like -DSOME_VAR=1000,OTHER_VAR=2000? Edit: Figured it out by testing, it's -DSOME_VAR=1000 -DOTHER_VAR=2000. –  tim Jun 20 '11 at 5:33

If a preprocessor macro is already defined and you are sure that you don't need whatever it was originally, just redefine it conditionally:

#ifdef MYMACRO
#  undef MYMACRO
#define MYMACRO my macro content
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