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Wondering how to link a keyboard key to a JButton in netbeans, Downloaded KeyEventDemo program from oracle that lets you press a key and it tells you the keycode, Now im wondering how to implement that, working on a calculator project and I already have the ability to click on any button and have it either +,-,/,* or enter so now I am wondering how to link the 2 together, essentially I'm trying to figure out how to check which key is being pressed in a method, and then run a method depending on what they pressed! thanks for any info!

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See How to Use Key Bindings. Basically you bind a KeyStroke to an Action. The tutorial also has a section on How to Use Actions.

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Thank you! exactly what I was looking for, would upvote you if I had enough rep! –  Calvin Moss Jun 20 '11 at 1:35

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