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I am attempting to store values for a displayName attribute from a setting held in the app.config file.


This does not work because it must be a constant value, which Properties.Settings.Default clearly is not. Is there any simple way to get around this?

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Since the DisplayName property is virtual, you could do something like that:

public class DisplayNameSettingsKeyAttribute : DisplayNameAttribute
    private readonly string _settingsKey;

    public DisplayNameSettingsKeyAttribute(string settingsKey)
        _settingsKey = settingsKey;

    public string SettingsKey
        get { return _settingsKey; }

    public override string DisplayName
        get { return (string)Properties.Settings.Default[_settingsKey]; }

And use it like that:

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That is a great solution. Thanks! –  Tim Jun 20 '11 at 0:46

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