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I'm trying to add the facebook SDK to my project but it won't work at all.

I've followed the official steps; opened the fb sdk, made sure it's set to "is library", in m yown project go to properties->android->add library and it lets me select com_facebook_android and it shows up with a green tick next to it. HOWEVER, when i go back to that screen straight away it now has a red cross next to it, and if i try to launch the app in the emulator it has " com_facebook_android] Could not find com_facebook_android.apk!"

(This is just me testing without referencing the library in my app)

if i DO reference the library, then any calls to the facebook library give an error within eclipse and the tooltip suggests to add it to build path, so if i click that it launches fine, but still does the above apk error and the app force closes on any activity which references facebook.

As far as I can tell I'm following the official instructions fine but it just keeps coming back to that red cross in my app's properties

Does anyone know what this could be?

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Not sure why you have the issue, i've setup a empty project with facebook library in it, if you have no luck then try downloading that, unzipping it and importing exsiting project into workspace.

link : Download here

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you know what i have done one trick to use the official facebook SDK in my application, i have created com.facebook.android and add all the library classes into it. Then i can easily reach to access any class whenever i want it. This can be a way to use the classes inside your application instead of using Library.

Its running fine in my case.

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