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I have a problem. The scenario goes like this, I used pygtk builtin widgets including gtk-add, gtk-new and the rest in my apps. There widgets have their labels and all texts there are English. I do know how to localize python strings(say just create a .po file and prefix strings in python code with _()), but I've no idea how to localize these builtin widgets. I tried to add some entries in my .po files, say

    #my .po file
    msgid "_New"
    msgstr "_New in my language(_N)"

for the gtk-new widgetw in the hope that it would be helpful, but it didn't work. Could you guys help me with this? Any guidance would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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After reading in your PO file, you probably have to set the text of each of these widgets using gtk-button-set-label

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