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First off, I have been trying to configure my domain from the normal "appID.appspot.com" to my own custom "www.domainName.com" I followed the instructions from here to set up my domain's CNAME and then I followed the instructions to change your @ name to also redirect my naked domain to my web url.

Then I followed the directions for decoupling the domain from google sites so that I can then add the domain to my google app engine app (from google apps dash going to settings-> and then clicking on my app engine app on the left -> then clicking add new web url in the web address section).

However, when I try to do that, I keep getting the 1000 error. Has anyone else been able to map a custom domain to their app engine application? Currently, when I type in my domain, it seems to be redirecting to the "appId.appspot.com" instead of the new domain.

Here's a screenshot of error #1000 as contributed by @Roger Thomas.

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What is "the 1000 error"? Please give us more details - preferably a screenshot. –  Nick Johnson Oct 24 '11 at 4:42
Sorry to post a "me too", but I'm having exactly the same error. –  uriel Apr 25 '12 at 22:36

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