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I am trying to write some Makefile for a project to be compiled with GNU make under Cygwin. Some environment variables are defined in Windows, like the path to some SDK. Say SDKPATH C:\MySDKPath for instance.

Within the Makefile, I am using this path to access the SDK's include directory, among other things:

CFLAGS := -I$(SDKPATH)/include

In the target rule: $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $< -o $@

My problem is that after make expands it to C:\MySDKPath/include and passes it as an argument to the compiler, the argument gets expanded to C:MySDKPath/include, which is obviously not the intent.

I cannot really change the environment variable, since it is set by the SDK, and requiring everyone to tweak it would lead to all kinds of new problems. I could do some quick and dirty search and replace (like MYSDKPATH := $(patsubst C:%,/cygdrive/c%,$(subst \,/,$(SDKPATH)))), but I am wondering if there isn't a clean, established, way to handle this likely common case.

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Is it just that one backslash that's getting lost, or are there several in the path? –  Beta Jun 20 '11 at 4:54
@Beta: there are a couple of them on my machine, but since it's an environment variable, hence dependent on the machine, you can consider I don't know how many there is/are. –  Julien Guertault Jun 20 '11 at 5:25

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This is kind of an ugly kludge, but it seems to do the job in UNIX, so give it a try in Cygwin.

# In the makefile
SDKPATH := $(shell echo $$SDKPATH | sed 's:\\:/:g')
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Yes that was the kind of work around I was thinking about. I haven't tried but it should work with Cygwin too. Maybe we could even use something like sed 's@^\([A-Z]\):\@/cygdrive/\1/@1;s@\\@/@g'. But I'm still interested in knowing what an elegant solution would be. :) –  Julien Guertault Jun 21 '11 at 6:06

Since you are using cygwin, you can use cygpath to convert between path styles.

CFLAGS := -I$(shell cygpath -ua "$(SDKPATH)/include")

Should do the trick.

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