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Is anyone trying to write their encoder code for the conversion of avi to wmv format using C#. I have tried most of the conversion like WMVEncoder or ffmpeg but I didn't get any success on the Silverlight project.

The silverlight project I am developing is an In-Browser application.The application consist of camera access which the recording is done & saved in raw format. I am able to convert the raw data format to *.AVI. Also I have the problem of accessing the "My Videos" folder in silverlight 4.0 for saving the converted *.AVI videos but in silverlight 5.0 beta I have solved that problem using below link: Silverlight 5 Trusted applications
So I am using silverlight 5.0 beta for now onwards.

The WMVEncoder/ffmpeg cannot run on the C# silverlight application because it gives an

interoperability exception (method access error)

though we have trusted application settings.Also we were not able to compile the ffmpeg libraries in C#.

So the idea behind writing is to develop our own encoder which can be able to run in the In-browser application using C# silverlight 5.0.

If anyone knows how to write there own encoders for *.AVI to *.WMV conversion.

Please help me out


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you want to transcode the file on the client? What purpose is that for? –  BrokenGlass Jun 20 '11 at 4:28
We need to encode on client side so that we need not send the 600 MB file to the server. –  Roshan B Vishwakarma Jun 20 '11 at 9:22

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Transcoding of media files should be done server side. Expression Encoder has a complete .NET accessible SDK you can use in C# that includes batch transcoding and it supports transcoding from AVI to WMV.

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