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I am facing one issue while applying background image to QT form. The image which i am applying to bg contains some gradient effect but after applying to background its gradient affect is going.

I am using below code at run time for applying bg image :

 QPalette palette;
    palette.setBrush(this->backgroundRole(), QBrush(QImage("bg_all.png")));
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QPalette palette;
QString appDir = QApplication::applicationDirPath();
palette.setBrush(this->backgroundRole(),QBrush(QImage(appDir +"/bg.png")));

That is fine for me. Please check the file path is correct or not.

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If you just want to add a background to a form, why not set one using a stylesheet instead?

For example:

widget->setStylesheet("background-image: url(:/files/bg.png);")
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