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Here's my requirement for a university class: I have to develop a web service that different hotels must implement. For instance they all have to implement the method boolean checkAvailability(Room r, Date from, Date to). So I store their web service's URL and call that method whenever I want to know wether they have certain room available.

I have to use SOAP in this case, and because each hotel has a different DNS name, etc I need to set the url for the endpoint dynamically (retrieve it from the database and then use it). I have not found an easy tutorial on how to do this.

I'm running on Jboss AS 6, using JAX-WS specification, JAVA EE 6.

I need help desperatly (Please do not edit that, I really am desperate).

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This has already been answered on stackoverflow:

How to change webservice url endpoint ?

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I use @WebServiceRef on an attribute to define the Web service reference. I was hoping that maybe since I'm on an application server, I would have an annotation-based configuration mechanism to accomplish this. – arg20 Jun 23 '11 at 20:50
Just give a wsdlLocation you know (e.g. locally packaged). See…; then change it when you do the actual call. – simon Jun 23 '11 at 21:05

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