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I'm using the TinyMCE editor and imagemanager to edit pages here. For backup reasons i also have to store a copy of uploaded images in the database. So after reading the TinyMCE doc i started editing the _Template.php file to biuld my own plugin, and it's stored in


my problem is that i want to access my common functions and classes in "my" $HOMEDIR/inc/ form within CacheToDb.php; however i have problems to point back to /inc/class_database.php from


I tried to add the following lines on top of ChacheToDb.php

define('__ROOT__', "../../../../"); 

Going up 4 folders here because it's apparently included from


However, this dosnt work. Every time i try require_one() i always get an empty window when i click the "add image" button in TinyMCE, so i assume a php error message breaks the json response...? Firebug did not reveal any obvious bugs or usefull info at all. Anyone who had this issue before and know how to include a path without breaking the whole thing?

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ok, i found a solution, and there is a bit more to it than just getting a path right: - in js\tiny_mce\plugins\imagemanager\classes\ManagerEngine.php , line 204, replace if ($config["authenticator"] == "") with if (empty($config["authenticator"])) for some reason, this line caused an error when i included my own global.php. Also, calling session_start() inside my global.php broke the TinyMCE image manager. - my db class etc. has to be included in js\tiny_mce\plugins\imagemanager\config.php, because config.php, so it available to all the other plugins etc. –  iHaveacomputer Jun 21 '11 at 0:16

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You should have a closer look into the servers error log in order to check what the error is.

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