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I'm using spring and freemarker and have the basics working.

I've got a properties file like

help.text=For further information please see the <a href="{0}">help page</a>.

I'm currently outputting localised messages using


However I'm having trouble figuring out how I can pass in my substitution variables. Can you help?

Cheers, Peter

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If I read the Spring API documentation about RequestContext (your rc?) correctly, then

${rc.getMessage("help.txt", ["yourHelpUrl"])}

might work, because getMessage can receive an additional List argument with message args, which you can supply via a FreeMarker sequence.

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Perfect. thanks for that! – Peter Wilkinson Jun 21 '11 at 4:44

I always do the substitution variables in my Java code somewhere and then dump the fully localized text into a Map where it's accessed by Freemarker like this:

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If you are correctly configuring freemarker in the spring MVC context then the right way to do it is:

  1. Import the spring macros in the template
  2. Use the mensaje macro

<#import "/spring.ftl" as spring />
<@spring.messageText "code", "Default message"/>

See the documentation:

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should cover how to paramterize the spring message from Freemarker... – Richard G Mar 17 at 12:29

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