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my code is:


import org.biojavax.SimpleNamespace;

public class ReadGES_BJ1_6{
     * - A pretty simple demo program to read a sequence file
     * with a known format using Biojavax extension found in BJ1.6. 
     * You only need to provide a file as args[0]
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        BufferedReader br = null;
        SimpleNamespace ns = null;

            br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(args[0]));
            ns = new SimpleNamespace("biojava");

            // You can use any of the convenience methods found in the BioJava 1.6 API
            RichSequenceIterator rsi = RichSequence.IOTools.readFastaDNA(br,ns);

            // Since a single file can contain more than a sequence, you need to iterate over
            // rsi to get the information.
                RichSequence rs = rsi.nextRichSequence();
                //Sequence seq = stream.nextSequence();
                int gc = 0;
                for (int pos = 1; pos <= rs.length(); ++pos) {
                Symbol sym = rs.symbolAt(pos);
                if (sym == DNATools.g() || sym == DNATools.c())


    System.out.println(rs.getName()+"\t"+rs.length()+"\t"+((gc * 100.0) / rs.length())/*+"\t"+rs.seqString()*/);
                System.out.println(((gc * 100.0) / rs.length()));*/

        catch(Exception be){

it gives output as:

contig00001   586   52.38%
contig00002   554   62.45%

my question is how to display above output exactly in three coloumns in jtable pls help?

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2 Answers 2

please read tutorial about JTable, JTable examples and your File output you have to add to the Object [][] or Vector<Vector<Object>>

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Once you get the data in your TableModel, Table Format Renderers will help you format the 3rd column with a % sign.

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