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I think I found a bug with the to_json method in Rails.

I have generated a fresh scaffold and modified the create method to render the errors in JSON format.

The to_json method is removing the array from the returned hash.

Here is the result of a debug session.

(rdb:2) @recipe.errors {:name=>["can't be blank"]}

(rdb:2) @recipe.errors.to_json "{\"name\":\"can't be blank\"}"

As you can see, the array has been removed.

Has anyone else found this?



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What does {:name=>["can't be blank"]}.to_json do in the Rails console? –  mu is too short Jun 20 '11 at 7:09
If I try and convert @recipe.errors.to_json then it doesn't work but if I copy the exact hash that @recipe.errors produces and run to_json on that, then it works. Bizarre. –  Tim Jun 20 '11 at 23:13

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irb(main):003:0> {:name=>["can't be blank"]}.to_json
=> "{"name":["can't be blank"]}"

I use ruby1.9.2, and I don't find the bug above. May be the problem has been resolved:)

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