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Of course parameters can pass by URL (result type Redirect/Redirect Action),
or pass to action by @Action(params) (Static Parameters Interceptor)

What I want

id=123 must exist in URL after validation errors (@Result(name="input"))


Similar to RESTful url pattern (Struts2-rest-plugin not be considered) :


I use the redirect-after-post technique + Message Store Interceptor for success action, but it this can't be use for input after validation errors, because the data of action (include invalid data) will lost / restore to default.

Any solution / suggestion is welcome. Thanks.

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Have you tried wildcards to capture the data?

Here is a link to some struts2 documentation (reading it quickly I didn't think it was very useful):

However if you follow though this post and solution you'll clearly see how to capture data from the URL (Although the poster of that question was more interested in excluding parts of the url, but it just makes the topic more complete): Struts2 Wildcard action mapping with dummy data

It's possible that your issue is largely because of using "Redirect After Post". There is little value for doing this in struts2. In general this is better solved using a custom interceptor for what ever cross cutting concerns you have for those actions. If you're worried about double submissions the TokenInterceptor interceptor already addresses this.

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Thanks! One of methods in wildcard-mappings (2.2+) should solved my problem. What disadvantages of using Redirect After Post (along with Message Store Interceptor)? – ahyea Jun 21 '11 at 3:57
It might not be a big issue. Simply there is no point in creating two actions which will form a chain. You might as well just have one action, the only reason is if the fist action does some processing for a group of actions that it will chain to. Now that is the very definition of a "cross cutting concern" and is exactly what interceptors are designed to solve. So if the first action is instead implemented as an interceptor, then there is no need for the message store interceptor. Things should become more simple. – Quaternion Jun 21 '11 at 5:20

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