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Accoring to the PKCS#7 standard certificate has some definite attributes. But I didn't find any information about the following:

  1. What is OID?
  2. What is RDN?
  3. What is the format of Public Key?
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PKCS#7 and X.509 Certificates are both encoded in ASN.1.

  • OID (Object Identifiers) is a basic ASN.1 type used for referencing objects in a unique and universal way. For instance, the OID references commonName.
  • RDN (Relative Distinguished Name) is one element of a DN.
  • In PKCS#7 and X.509, the format of the Public Key depends on the algorithm. As an example, the ASN.1 schema for RSA public keys is

    RSAPublicKey ::= SEQUENCE {
        modulus           INTEGER,  -- n
        publicExponent    INTEGER   -- e
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