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Have another question related to Grails issue with unique/save/update.

is there any way to avoid call def bookInstance.get([it]) ? for example, I still want to overwrite the exist data in DB, but I don't want to load exist one from DB, So i call def bookInstance = new Book()

This does not work, because gorm take it as a new Object, is there any way to force update exist one? like call hibernateSession.update

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Loading the instance shouldn't be very expensive, so you're probably prematurely optimizing. But you can use executeUpdate to update data without retrieving it first. For example if your Book class looks like this:

class Book {
    String author
    String title

then you can update it like this:

    'update Book b set, b.title=:title where',
    [author:, title:, id:])
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The reason for me don't want to loading instance is:when there is one-to-many mapping in domain objects, if loading it from DB, I need to clear all the one-to-many data before I call ***.properties=params. I want to build up a common infrastructure for my team, so I want to remove any unnecessary code. Your suggestion is greate , but may introduce more code. – Xilang Jun 21 '11 at 7:50

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