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First, sorry to post this non-programming question but I have no idea where should I append this question into, Programmers, Web Applications, Stackoverflow, so I choose the one I most comfortable with.

I was trying to find a a nice Admin Design to have in a client project and to be used in more projects as it's almost all the same...

Tried to search the web but I was stumble upon this Ruby Gem.

enter image description here


Does anyone know if there's the same for .NET?

maybe a MVC 3.0 plug-in/nuGet?

Just to know, I would probably send an email to the developers asking permission to create a NuGet package for .NET using their current CSS and HTML, but I would prefer to know first that do all work and realize that one already existed, if it does, I would gladly help extending it.

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balexandre, I would also gladly help extending on open source nuget package that is similar to active admin in mvc3. I stared a github repo github.com/eiu165/ActiveAdmin –  eiu165 Jan 12 '12 at 15:24
Was this project started? It looks very promising. Specially the dashboard part of the interface. –  CarlosBlanco Mar 15 '12 at 17:11
Did this go anywhere? It would have been an awesome .net project –  Matt Roberts Nov 22 '12 at 16:31
As for today this repo is empty. –  Ofer Zelig Mar 16 at 22:27
@OferZelig nop, still there: github.com/gregbell/active_admin –  balexandre Mar 16 at 23:33

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I'm confused if you're asking for a framework to develop any interface similar to to the Active Admin demo or you are looking for something that has already been built and does exactly what the demo well - demonstrates? Don't know of an exact match but I'll try anyway.

For a platform: I think the tools right in front of you (VS.NET 2010) are great for RAD. Asp.net mvc3 + T4 scaffolding and membership with an orm like (EF Code First, RavenDB, Simple.Data, Massive, PetaPOCO, Dapper, etc...) can easily tackle this problem/solution. Combine this with CSS/HTML to purrrty up y our UI and you'll have a nice clone. If you like simple DSL type things as demonstrated on Active Admin check out Sass + CoffeeScript and/or Less. Mindscape has a VS.NET2010 plugin for all those.

If you're going to choose asp.net webforms over asp.net mvc check out MySwat http://mywsat.codeplex.com/ which is sort of already handled the user accounts, etc. You still have access to all the ORMs above, etc...

For an eCommerce admin panel or platform: For what the Active Admin demonstrates (mini eCommerce admin module) check out a full featured .net MVC3 or WebForms eCommerce app - nopCommerce: http://www.nopcommerce.com/. Version before 2.0 are WebForms.

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