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We're working with Fluent NHibernate 1.2 and our primary key is a guid saved in a nvarchar(32) column, working with Oracle 11gr2.

How can we make this work? (making an automatic conversion...)

Thanks ahead, random programmer...

UPDATE: forgot to mention, the guid is saved WITHOUT dashes ...

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You will have to implement your own IUserType to handle the dashless Guids.
You can read about it here:

The detail below is now irrelevant to the question but I'll keep it here for future reference for people to find.

Using Guids "normally"

In your entity the Id should be of type Guid:

public virtual Guid Id { get; private set; }

And in your ClassMap you should map it like this:

Id(x => x.Id)

This will use the recommended comb algorithm to generate new guids.


Id(x => x.Id)

to genertae new Guids using System.Guid


Id(x => x.Id)

if you want to let the database generate the Guid for you.

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Thanks, but that doesn't work, see the update please... –  Random programmer Jun 20 '11 at 9:07
That's one hell of an issue...You will have to implement your own IUserType. I'll update my answer. –  Variant Jun 20 '11 at 9:14

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