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Am writing one small application to parse from XML to JSON object for iphone. can anyone tell me the availability of open source library present to do the parsing usnig objective-c.

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There are plenty of open source solutions in objective-c to deal with JSON :

To deal with xml, you can use the default NSXMLParser class or some other solutions like some code I've posted here (DOM parser) : NSXMLParser retrieving wrong data from XML tags

You can also check this page which will give you a good overview of available solutions for XML parsing (and an explaination of differences between SAX and DOM parsers) : http://www.raywenderlich.com/553/how-to-chose-the-best-xml-parser-for-your-iphone-project

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Well there is a json parser available for objective c on github. Its very simple to use. You may have to write some additional code to provide input to the parser.

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I use NSPropertyListSerialization from Apple to turn a Plist XML into a dictionary. Then we just need to find something to go from dictionary to JSON.

The json-framework looks like a nice JSON generator.

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