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I have a table and I want to know if its last td its id contains a certain string. For example, if my last td has id "1234abc", I want to know if this id contains "34a". And I need to do that in a 'if' statement.

if(myLastTdId Contains "blablabla"){ do something }


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You could use the "attributeContains" selector:

if($("#yourTable td:last-child[id*='34a']").length > 0) { 
   //Exists, do something...
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And, if your "something" consists of a jQuery operation, say setting a css, you can just chain it up -- no if required: ("#yourTable td:last-child[id*='34a']").css("color", "red"); – Chris Hynes Mar 13 '09 at 0:45
^ insert $ at beginning of expression – Chris Hynes Mar 13 '09 at 0:46
The > 0 portion is redundant. Just element.length will work. – Eichhörnchen Apr 8 at 0:41

This is easily done with indexOf and last-child.

<table id='mytable'>
  <td id='abc'></td>
  <td id='cde'></td>

if($('#mytable td:last-child').attr('id').indexOf('d') != -1) {

Here it would alert 'found' because d appears in the string cde

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If your td is "bare" (i.e. not wrapped in a jQuery object), you can access its id attribute directly:

if (myTD.id.indexOf("34a") > -1) {
    // do stuff

If it is in a jQuery object, you'll need to get it out first:

if (jMyTD[0].id.indexOf("34a") > -1 {
    // do stuff

The indexOf function finds the offset of one string within another. It returns -1 if the first string doesn't contain the second at all.


On second thought, you may need to clarify your question. It isn't clear which of these you're trying to match "34a" against:

  • <td id="1234abcd">blahblah</td>
  • <td id="blahblah">1234abcd</td>
  • <table id="1234abcd"><tr><td>blahblah</td></tr></table>
  • <table id="blahblah"><tr><td>1234abcd</td></tr></table>
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Not completely clear if you mean last td in each tr, or the very last td:

if ($('#myTable td:last[id*=34a]').length) {
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