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Is there a way to count the visible modules in a specific pane on from the current page context?

I know in theory I could write a joined sql statement, but DotNetNuke offers a variety of objects that support this kind of operation.

This is for a DNN 4 site, but any hint also for DNN 5 is greatly appreciated.

Even the information if there is any module in the pane at all would help.

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You can get the modules in a tab with ModuleController.GetTabModules()

Imports DotNetNuke.Entities.Modules
Dim objModules As New ModuleController
Dim tabModules As Dictionary(Of Integer, ModuleInfo) = objModules.GetTabModules(TabId)

The keys of the dictionary are ModuleIDs and the values are ModuleInfo objects. You can also call the corresponding stored procedure GetTabModules to retrieve module data.

Now, ModuleInfo has a PaneName property that you would use to group the results, say, to another dictionary, and retrieve the counts from there:

    Dim result As New Dictionary(Of String, Integer)
    For Each tabModule In tabModules.Values
        If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(tabModule.PaneName) Then
            result(tabModule.PaneName) += 1
        End If

You probably also want to filter out the deleted modules:

    For Each tabModule In tabModules.Values _
        .Where(Function(x) Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(x.PaneName)) _
        .Where(Function(x) Not x.IsDeleted)

        result(tabModule.PaneName) += 1


A list of distinct PaneNames for a tab can be retrieved with the stored procedure GetTabPanes. The corresponding method in the 4.9.5 codebase is implemented in the DataProvider:

Dim dr As IDataReader = DotNetNuke.Data.DataProvider.Instance().GetTabPanes(TabId) 
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That's it! In addition to solving my problem, it also contains a lot of other valuable ideas. Thanks! –  Olaf Jun 20 '11 at 14:22

If you're wanting the count of which modules the current user can see, you'll want to call ModuleController.GetTabModules like mika suggests, and filter by PortalSecurity.HasNecessaryPermission (or ModulePermissionController.HasModuleAccess in DNN 5)

var modules = from module in new ModuleController().GetTabModules(TabId).Values
              where !module.IsDeleted
                 && PortalSecurity.HasNecessaryPermission(SecurityAccessLevel.View, PortalSettings, module)
              group module by module.PaneName into paneCounts
              select new {
                  PaneName = paneCounts.Key,
                  Count = paneCounts.Count(),

One further thing that you might need to do is check whether the module's PaneName matches a pane on the current tab (via TabInfo.Panes or DataProvider.GetTabPanes), otherwise, count it as "ContentPane".

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Thanks for great additional information, esp. PortalSecurity.HasNecessaryPermission!! Wish I could give you an "accepted" as well, but mika was first and solved the essentials for me (and has less reputation ;-) ). So an upvote must do. –  Olaf Jun 20 '11 at 14:26

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