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I have a problem with rails 3 routes.

I want add a new action called "gestion_etudiant" with a new view "gestion_etudiant.html.erb".

I have on my index page a link like this

<%= link_to "Administration", {:controller => "users", :action => "gestion_etudiant"} %>

I also try this:

<%= link_to "Administration", "/users/gestion_etudiant" %>

In my controller:

def gestion_etudiant
  @users = User.find(:all)

but when I clic on the link, I always have this error:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in UsersController#show
Couldn't find User with ID=gestion_etudiant

I have this in my routes file:

resources :users

And I've also try to add:

match "users/gestion_etudiant", :to => "users#gestion_etudiant"


resources :users, :only => [:gestion_etudiant]

But I can not access my page "gestion_etudiant.html.erb". Can anybody suggest why?

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Try this:

# router:

resources :users do
  get :gestion_etudiant, :on => :collection

# view:

link_to "Administration", gestion_etudiant_users_path

# Controller

def gestion_etudiant
  @users = User.all # Don't use find with :all as it will be deprecated in rails 3.1
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Thx for your response. The error has disappeared :). but now when I click on the link I am redirected to the index (the page just refreshes). I don't why. When I put the cursor on the link I have "localhost:3000/users/gestion_etudiant but it won't works... –  Michaël Jun 20 '11 at 10:31
No it's OK, all work fine, thanks –  Michaël Jun 20 '11 at 10:44

In your routes, try:

resources :users do
  collection do
    get 'gestion_etudiant'

You can check the routes you have in your application by running rake routes

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