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I have a dynamic proxy obtained via

var boo = context.Set<Boo>().Find(1)

how can I know the fact that boo is actually a proxy of Boo?

from debug console, I found out that the proxy kept this info in its local variable boo._entityWraper.IdentityType

but i don't know how to access it.

Any help will be highly appreciated~

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Answer is here. –  Gert Arnold Sep 17 '14 at 13:40

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"boo" is of either of Boo type or of Boo's proxy type. Try getting boo's type or boo's base type if you have the second case.

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Some example code to supplement @achristov's answer:

private Type GetTypeOf(object o)
    var type = o.GetType();
    if (!type.Namespace.Contains("MyProject"))
        // o is probably a proxy
        type = type.BaseType;
    return type;
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