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Is there a good way to ensure file content is the same you write if your file system have a lot of cross-linked files.

Problem is when i write file content close file and reopen it file corrupted with some other lines from other files. So if i write "AAA" in the file, next time i open file i got: "AAABBBsome stuff". Code:

fstream stream;,ios::out | ios::trunc);
if (stream.is_open())

If any one have some ideas please write it. Thanks a lot

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There's nothing you can do programmaticly that would help, either create a new file, or ensure that you don't have any cross-linked files (recommended, really, fix your file system)

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Thanks for quick response. But another problem is to detect witch software cause cross-linked files even i fix it they appear again and again. – Sanja Melnichuk Jun 20 '11 at 9:57
@SanjaMelnichuk: Your filesystem should be keeping itself sane, low privilege usermode programs are not supposed to be able to corrupt it. I suspect you either have a buggy FS driver, or possibly some hardware fault (either in your storage, or system memory). – Hasturkun Jun 20 '11 at 10:02

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