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In Lisp or Scheme buffers it is possible to evaluate a single expression by pressing C-x C-e which calls eval-last-sexp. But eval-last-sexp works only for literals in Haskell. What is the equivalent way to do the same in the Haskell mode?

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In fact, eval-last-sexp does not work with Haskell mode at all. If it appears to be working with a literal, it is because that the literal syntax is similar in Haskell and in Lisp. –  Tsuyoshi Ito Jun 20 '11 at 12:49

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eval-last-sexp is a command from emacs-lisp-mode, and has no bearing on Haskell Mode which is presumably what you want.

If you've correctly set up inf-haskell.el, then C-c C-i will bring up a ghci session with your current buffer interpreted.

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I have the mode already installed and I want to evaluate a single expression not the buffer. –  ceving Jun 25 '11 at 18:03
stackoverflow.com/a/7854430/69663 answers this –  unhammer Jan 22 at 12:10

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