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I have the following view code which displays events, along with headers informing the user if the following events occured today, yesterday, or in the past week.

It all works fine, but I would prefer to refactor it out of the view, I can't put it in a helper because it needs to maintain the variables state between loop iterations. Any idea how to tidy this up? thanks

<% displayed_week_already = false %>
<% displayed_yesterday_already = false %>
<% displayed_today_already = false %>

<% @events.each do |event| %>

  <%= event.title &>

  <% if (Time.now - 1.week) > event.created_at && !displayed_week_already %>
    <% displayed_week_already = true %>
    Events in past week
  <% elsif (Time.now - 1.day) > event.created_at && (Time.now - 2.day) < event.created_at && !displayed_yesterday_already %>
    <% displayed_yesterday_already = true %>
    Events yesterday
  <% elsif (Time.now - 1.day) < event.created_at && !displayed_today_already %>
    <% displayed_today_already = true %>
    Events in past day
  <% end %>

<% end %>

Expected output would be:

Events in past day
John created a new artice
Dan commented on article 1
Sue deleted article 2

Events yesterday
Sue created a new article

Events in past week
Carol was promoted
Dan cerated a new article

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I might do something like the following. I am leaving out the implemented methods defined on the model itself.

existing view

<%= render "events", :title => "Events in past day",  :events => from_today(@events) %>
<%= render "events", :title => "Events yesterday",    :events => from_yesterday(@events) %>
<%= render "events", :title => "Events in past week", :events => from_this_week(@events) %>


<% if events.present? %>
  <%= title %>
  <% events.each do |event| %>
    <%= event.title %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>


module EventDisplayHelper
  def from_today(events)
    events.select{|x| x.happened_today?}

  def from_yesterday(events)
    events.select{|x| x.happened_yesterday?}

  def from_this_week(events)
    events.select{|x| x.happened_this_week_before_yesterday?}
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You could easily do this in the model, with named scopes (I'm assuming Rails 3 because that's what I know best). You'll need to define them yourself but they're pretty simple.

@last_week = @event.last_week
@yesterday = @event.yesterday
@today = @event.today

Then just iterate over each of the groups in your view. Should make it a lot cleaner and you won't need so much logic, as it's where it actually belongs.

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Thanks Stephen, I did consider this, but it makes pagination awkward, if not impossible. –  pingu Jun 20 '11 at 10:44
Ok, what's the actual output you'd expect from this? Maybe we can come up with something else that works for you, and would make pagination easier. –  Stephen Orr Jun 20 '11 at 11:06
@Stephen - I have updated original question. –  pingu Jun 20 '11 at 11:30
Where would the pagination go in your example? I'd be inclined to suggest loading each block of events via Ajax, and paginating each block individually to support that. –  Stephen Orr Jun 20 '11 at 12:23
Imagine 10 events per page, if there are 11 events on the first day, you will see "Events in past day" on page 1, and "Events yesterday" on page 2. It's just a time line with some headers added to add some context. It works exactly how i want it to now, it's just not an elegant solution –  pingu Jun 20 '11 at 13:28
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