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So today I was going to upload my Mac app to the App Store. So I create the app id and everything and I make sure that I got everything right and then I find the .app file and compress it to a .zip. After that I open Application Loader and it finds the created App ID and I get all the info I've filled in on itunes connect and then I click choose to find my .zip file but when I find it it's not selectable. I also tried to go File > Open and then I was able to select the .zip file and then I selected the App ID etc but when I click send I get these 2 errors:

The archive is invalid. Unexpected productuil output: the prodcut-metadata must be present


Product archive "/User/Kevin/Desktop/Mini Week.zip" is not valid ((null))

What should I do?

Thanks you in advance!

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You should probably be using the archiving utility now bundled in Xcode. You can read more about it here.

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