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never worked with .net before so please excuse me if this sounds stupid.

On the page im working on I have the following...

<asp:Series Name="Series1" ChartType="Pie" CustomProperties="PieLabelStyle=Disabled">
<asp:ChartArea Name="SearchEngineArea">
<Area3DStyle Enable3D="True" />

<div class="bottomBox"><a href="/" class="seochart">View large</a></div>

The Div class "seochart" calls a lightbox, The idea is that view large calls the image outputted from the .net Chart.

How would I go about putting my chart as the href?

I hope this makes sense...

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Sorry, I don't know what a "lightbox" is, but I think in your case you could resolve this by writing a webservice or http handler which would return a png or jpg image. Therefore, your href for your anchor element would be the URL for that webservice (something like:
In the webmethod on your webservice (server-side), you write C# code using the winform version of Chart class (from namespace). Once you instantiate a chart, you have access to the SaveImage method, and from there you can stream this image back to the client-side.
Hope this helps.

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