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I need to send my public key that has been generated by SecKeyGeneratePair as a SecKeyRef object. Now, to send this, i need this KeyRef object to be in a string format.

How do i convert the SecKeyRef object to nsstring object?

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// you have SecKeyRef keyref from somewhere 
size_t keySize = SecKeyGetBlockSize(keyref);
NSData* keyData = [NSData dataWithBytes:keyref length:keySize];

Then use this NSData category to encode the NSData object with base64 to a NSString.

NSString keyStringB64 = [keyData base64EncodedString];
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Does this really work? Has anyone tried it? Do you get the correct data by passing a SecKeyRef for the bytes? I have a hard time believing this. –  Codo Jan 4 at 12:40
No, It does not work for the public key specifically, you need to parse the key modules to get the real public key as a string. Apple has an example of this here: developer.apple.com/library/ios/samplecode/CryptoExercise/… –  James Jones Feb 3 at 22:34

[Cleanup of old question]

Saving SecKeyRef device generated public/private key pair on disk

Shows how to create an NSData object. As I'm no iOS developer, I'll leave the conversion to a string (e.g. using base 64 encoding) as an excercise.

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