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is it possible to convert a xaml-file to an image file of some sort? I have some xaml-files describing a GUI, and a want to get a 'preview' of them at runtime.



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Look into printing. Is this WPF or Silverlight? – ChrisF Jun 20 '11 at 11:43
You can consider installing expression builder. – Shamim Hafiz Jun 20 '11 at 11:44
Its in WPF. How would i do that? – opiswahn Jun 20 '11 at 12:03

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maybe the RenderTargetBitmap can help you ?

the idea is to render a visual element into a bitmap...

this blog post describes the use

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interesting suggestion. Does it require an interactive session? – Assaf Lavie Jun 20 '11 at 11:46 i'm not sure, i didn't try in an app – Steve B Jun 20 '11 at 11:49
That doesn't do the trick, anything else? – opiswahn Jun 20 '11 at 12:24
nah, i was just stupid, RenderTargetBitmap was it!! THX! – opiswahn Jun 21 '11 at 7:54

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