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I am trying to communicate to Pinnacle Plus+ power supply via RS232 link but get no reply from the unit. Unit is configured to address 1 and baud rate 9600.

The code is in C#

Here is what I have done:

SerialPort PinnacleSerialPort = new SerialPort("COM3", 9600, Parity.Odd, 8, StopBits.One);

PinnacleSerialPort.ReadTimeout = 3000;

byte[] b = { 8, 128, 136 };
PinnacleSerialPort.Write(b, 0, b.Length);

    int bytes = PinnacleSerialPort.BytesToRead;//RETURNS 0 (ZERO)
    Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Bytes to read: {0}", bytes));

    byte[] comBuffer = new byte[bytes];
    PinnacleSerialPort.Read(comBuffer, 0, bytes);
catch (Exception ex)


According to documentation packet consist of: header, command, data bytes(if present), checksum.

Header(1byte): first 3 bits is the number of data bytes. In my case it is 0 = 000 the last 5 bits is the unit number packet is addressed to. In my case it is 1 = 00001 Full header would be 00001 000 or decimal 8 Data bytes: these are omitted as they are not needed with this command Command(1byte): is command number. In my case it is 10000000 = 128 Checksum(1byte): is XOR of in my case header and command bytes which is 10001000 = 136

Based on this info i constructed and sent the following byte[] array:

byte[] b = {8, 128, 136}

Reply should be 4 ASCII character: "PLUS";

However I get no reply at all.

I tried different other commands, but get no reply either.

If anyone has experience with this unit, please advice on what am I doing wrong.

Really appreciate.


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You might need to configure flow control. Never understood why serial port parameters specify baud and parity but not flow control, since if anything it's more important than the others.

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handshake should be None and this is what I set it to. I think the problem might be related to the unit itself. –  Alexander Benjamin Jun 20 '11 at 13:14
Ran some more tests and it does look like it is hardware related issue. Will update as soon as I get something new. –  Alexander Benjamin Jun 20 '11 at 14:34
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The problem wasn't the code. The code is good. It was faulty connection - RS232 cable. Since it's been replaced everything works great. Thanks everyone for your help.

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