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I have a small vs addin which looks for projects inside a solution and does a few stuff with it. I collect the projects like this:


However, as soon as I introduced a solution folder and placed a project inside it, suddenly that project was nowhere to be found. So, I've tried

 private IEnumerable<Project> getProjectsRecursive(IEnumerable<Project> iEnumerable)
      foreach (var item in iEnumerable)
          yield return item;
          foreach (var child in getProjectsRecursive(item.ProjectItems.OfType<Project>()))
              yield return child;
public IEnumerable<Project> EveryProject { get { return getProjectsRecursive(Application.DTE.Solution.Projects.OfType<Project>()); } }

still the project is not there. So I've checked manually, calling item is Project on a

  • project directly inside the solution is TRUE
  • solution folder directly inside the solution is TRUE (small wtf)
  • project inside a solution folder (I've found it in folder.ProjectItems) is FALSE !!!!! (and of course explicit casting throws an error)

What the hell? Without casting it to Project, I cannot call FullName, Properties() and many other things on it, even if I cast to dynamic. Please help!

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The answer is here :

Just few changes :

if (project.Kind == EnvDTE.Constants.vsProjectKindSolutionItems)
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