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To render a partial in Rails 3 I do:

render 'my_partial', :my_object => my_value

To get partial's result as string I do:

render_to_string(:partial => 'my_partial', :layout => false, 
                 :locals => {:my_object => my_value})

Is this possible to write the last one shorter ? (e.g. to omit :partial or :locals like I do with render) (I tried, but get errors...)

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Doesn't seem like it could get any shorter, Ref. If you feel it's too long you could hide it in a helper method, and just pass the various params?

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Sometimes you could do something like

 render_to_body "path_to_file"

and it skips layout but still you have to use instance variables inside your partial.

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You can always add your own method to ApplicationController and make it available as a helper method if you need to use it in views.

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I would use a Mailer for that. And then do.

MyMailer.my_method.body.encoded. You can use helpers this way too.

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It seems to be very hackety. –  Sinan Taifour Nov 5 '13 at 19:00

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