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Is there a way to list heads that were created by a specific user?

With the hg heads command I am unable to filter on user.

While with hg log I can filter on a user, but am unable to figure out how to list only the last changeset on a branch.


Thanks to Tim Henigan's answer below. I arrived at the following conclusion.

log -r "head() and not closed() and user('<username>')"

In my particular case I wanted only the latest heads in reverse order so I made an alias for this functionality.

myhist = log -r "reverse(head() and not closed() and user('<username>'))" --template "{rev}: {branches}\n" -l 10

so that calling hg myhist gives me up to ten recent changesets which are all the last one on their branch. I am using the --template option to only see the revision number and branch name so as to get a quick overview of my recent activity.

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If you are using a newer version of Mercurial, you can build this query using revsets:

hg log -r "heads(all()) and not closed() and user('<user>')"

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Thanks, that's awesome but not exactly what I was looking for. I think a better wording for my question would be: "give me the last changeset I have created on all branches". Your answer led me to the solution for me though. I'll update my question with this. – Jon Nylander Jun 20 '11 at 15:22

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