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My databrowse does 2 things .

1. It lists up all the names of the tables ( I have stored all the 'names' in one table. )
2. Every name links up with another template . 

My steps for doing the first thing

1. Create a form with a name field . 
2. Do a filter of the name on the table that has all the names . 
3. Store it in the form . 
4. Send the form to the template . 

The problem with this is , as I have declared a name field , it will only take the one name . Thus display only one name . How do I display all the names that would be there in the query set ?

When I display all these names , how do I link each name with another app that will accept the name as a value , query the db , and then generate the data associated with the name in that template .

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why can't you use django admin? or built-in databrowse module? –  George Karpenkov Jun 20 '11 at 12:58
For a lot of reasons . 1 . I can't filter data into it . 2. I cant link it to another template . –  IamH1kc Jun 20 '11 at 13:00

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