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VMWare player and workstation has the ability to easily create a shared folder directly to the host:

This feature seems to be missing or is moved in vSphere. How do you set it up in vSphere?


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This feature doesn't make sense with vSphere, which is why you can't find it.

Workstation, Player, Server all run on top of a "host OS" while ESX (vSphere managed) runs on bare-metal. You're not supposed to have access to the native file system on the host - so there is no option to do so.

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Actually, we can't have shared folders using ESXi. But we can workaround it by creating a folder in the host datastore and copying files from/to it using scp protocol. Of course, you need to have administrative privileges on the host for that.

This link explains how to set up SSH Server and Shell Access on ESXi:

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