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For some reason I need to fetch emails from /var/mail/username file. It seems like an append only file.

My question is, is it safe to parse the content of the /var/email/username file depending on the first line From username@host Mon Jun 20 16:50:15 2011? What if the similar pattern found inside the email body?

Furthermore, is there any opensource ruby script available for reference?

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Yes, that seems like more or less the right way to parse the mbox format - from a quick scan of the RFC specification:

The structure of the separator lines vary across implementations, but
usually contain the exact character sequence of "From", followed by a
single Space character (0x20), an email address of some kind, another
Space character, a timestamp sequence of some kind, and an end-of- line marker.


Many implementations are also known to escape message body lines that
begin with the character sequence of "From ", so as to prevent confusion with overly-liberal parsers that do not search for full separator lines. In the common case, a leading Greater-Than symbol (0x3E) is used for this purpose (with "From " becoming ">From "). However, other implementations are known not to escape such lines unless they are immediately preceded by a blank line or if they also appear to contain an email address and a timestamp. Other implementations are also known to perform secondary escapes against these lines if they are already escaped or quoted, while others ignore these mechanisms altogether.

Update: There's also this:

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Apt answer, thank you. – intellidiot Jun 21 '11 at 3:43

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