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I have an h1 with id of toptitle that is dynamically created, and I am not able to change the HTML. It will have a different title depends on a page. Now when it is Profile, I want to change it to New word with jQuery.

<h1 id="toptitle">Profile</h1> // Changing only when it is Profile  
// to
<h1 id="toptitle">New word</h1>

Note: If the text is Profile, then change it to New word.

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Something like this should do the trick:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#toptitle').text(function(i, oldText) {
        return oldText === 'Profil' ? 'New word' : oldText;

This only replaces the content when it is Profil. See text in the jQuery API.

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This should work fine (using .text():

$("#toptitle").text("New word");
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Something like this should work

var text = $('#toptitle').text();
if (text == 'Profil'){
    $('#toptitle').text('New Word');
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Could do it with :contains() selector as well:

$('#toptitle:contains("Profil")').text("New word");


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$('#toptitle').html('New world');


$('#toptitle').text('New world');
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Try this for a clean approach.

var $toptitle = $('#toptitle');

if ( $toptitle.text() == 'Profile' )    
  $toptitle.text('New Word');            // No {} brackets necessary if it's just one line.
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Pretty straight forward to do:

$(function() {
  $('#toptitle').html('New word');

The html function accepts html as well, but its straight forward for replacing text.

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