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I'm using RaphaelJS to draw an SVG. I have a div of the size 801 x 924.

I create a Raphael paper with the same sizes and assign it to that div:

var paper = Raphael('div', 801, 924);

I expect in the browser an SVG with the size of 801 x 924 pixels. But when I check the size of the svg in the browser (with inspect element), I see that the actual size is 514 x 606 pixels!
The svg-element has a width and height defined as 801 x 924, but it DISPLAYS as 514x606....

Why is that? Is there some kind of DPI setting that I missed? How do I create a Raphael of the exact same size as the div ?

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My mistake... I was copying paths of an existing SVG that had a VIEWBOX defined... so I thought my paths were absolute values, but in fact they were very different than what I saw in my svg-editor (Inkscape). In Raphael you don't have to define a viewbox at all, so this is were it went wrong.

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