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I am using C++ and extended mapi to copy the contents of a mailbox to a pst programmatically.In the end the pst file is created and it shows the correct size but as soon as i try to open it with outlook the data in pst file disappears.After i run my program the PST size is 10 MB and when i try to open it with outlook 2007 it shows it as an empty pst file.Can anyone please help me in this one.

I am using MS Exchange 2007 32 bit on windows Server 2003 with outlook 2007.


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That means your app does not cleanly terminate and the PST provider does not get a chance to commit the data and write a special flag that would tell it on startup that it was shut down cleanly. Do you release all MAPI objects first? Do you call IMAPISession::Logoff? Do you call MAPIUninitialize?

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Thanks for your answer,but when i copy a single folder in the PST then the data doesn't disappear on opening in outlook even if its multiple folders.But when i copy the entire folder then there is a problem i am using IMapiFolder::Copy method to copy the folder. –  kunal Jun 21 '11 at 6:56
Thanks actually i was not releasing an Imapifolder pointer.But the same code was working for exchange server 2003. –  kunal Jun 21 '11 at 9:06

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