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I am experiencing some preverification error as decsribed in the object. I googled a lot around before to post this question but found very few responses, most of them very old (2008, 2009) or simply "Pass to NetBeans" ;)

My project includes the LWUIT.jar as local jar in ./lib folder, is targeted to a Java Micro Edition SDK 3.0. The compiler compliance is 1.4, because I heard that LWUIT needs it, and I have not even add the first MIDlet to it. Simply add the jar to the project raises that errors.

Anybody has experienced Pulsar + LWUIT successfully ?

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See this discussion. I'm also getting same issue. Normally Java micro edition sdk 3.0 having some problem with LWUIT. You can try with sun java wireless toolkit.

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Hi, just found it, few seconds ago. "SDK 3.0 is problematic and always has been, it includes its own outdated version of LWUIT which might be interfearing." is the response I was looking for. I just installed WTK 2.5.2 and errors disappeared. Thank you very much :) –  Giorgio Vespucci Jun 20 '11 at 14:10

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