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I want to architecture our software so that we can expose our API logic using WCF (SOAP and REST).

Im confused as to whether I have to use ASMX files if I want to do SOAP services, or whether .svc file can still do SOAP service?

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Your svc file can provide the restful interface you are requesting. You just have to do a little configuring within your web configuration file, and decorate the svc class with the attributes to describe the behavior of our restful url.

here is a great article going over the steps:

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Yes you can. You have to expose a SOAP end-point for your WCF service. This MSDN post has an example.

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+1 A very simple, yet complete article. I also like the lack of a configuration file, as well as the fact that the client isn't being generated by Microsoft's bloaty WCF service tool. – Phil Jun 20 '11 at 14:14

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