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I have a SQL Server Agent Job that previously had two steps. Today, I've had to integrate a third step and soon I'll need to integrate a fourth.

I want to be sure that the step will execute properly but I do not want to execute the entire job.

The first two steps take quite a bit of time to execute and during the day they hog a significant amount of the SQL resources that my user's need.

Is there a way that I can execute a job step and not an entire job process?

Within SSMS, if I right-click on the job there is an option that states "Start Job at step..." except when I try that options it brings up a dialog that seems to imply that the entire job has been started. What can I do to test one step within a job?

Thanks in advance.

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"Start job at step" will start the job at the step you specify. However - if you don't wish to execute any subsequent steps - be sure to adjust the step logic so that it will "Quit reporting success" after completing the step you started at.

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Ok, I see how it works now. I had used that method earlier and recalled being a bit confused. Like I had mentioned, my first to steps use up a lot of resources, so I didn't want to experiment. Thanks for the clarification. – RLH Jun 21 '11 at 14:17

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