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How do I add a route to my Rails 3 app which allows me to have a URL that maps to an action in a RESTful resource that accepts multiple parameters:


And then in my controller, I want to access these ids:

@modelname = Modelname.find(params[:modelname_ids])

So far, I have been trying match '/modelname/compare/:modelname_ids', :to => 'modelname#compare', but I keep getting No route matches "/modelname/compare/4df632fd35be357701000005,4df632fd35be357701000005". Any suggestions?

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You can setup a route that matches anything, then split the parameter inside your controller:

resources :modelname do
  match 'compare/*path' => 'controller#compare_action'

# controller:
def compare_action
  @modelname = Modelname.find(params[:path].split(','))
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shouldn't it be split(',')? –  lulalala Mar 30 '12 at 6:46

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